Daddy Knows Her Secret – Modern Taboo Family

Dad was very upset. He received a email with a video link from one of his co workers. The email said that it looked like his son and daughter had become porn stars! When he watched the video it did look like them! But he thought to himself that would be impossible. His daughter was such a good girl and his son would never touch his sister like that! Then again it really looked a lot like them! And the room looked just like his Daughters! He was in shock! How could they do this? And everyone at work knows about it! He was ashamed and angry. He called Chi in to the living room to see if was indeed her. His Daughter walks in and asks what’s up. He doesn’t know quite how to approach the subject so he just shows her the video on his phone and hopes it’s not her! Within seconds he sees the reaction on his Daughter face and his heart sinks! It was them! She tries to explain but Daddy just get’s more upset. She tells him that it was just for some guy and no one else was supposed to see it. And he paid them a lot of money and they needed it to buy Christmas presents for Mom and Dad! SO it was really Dad’s fault for them doing the video! He did not see it that way and told her he was very disappointed in her and her Brother. And worst of all he would have to tell her Mother about it. This is just going to break her Heart. Chi freaks out and begs him not to tell Mom! That there was no reason to let her know about it. Dad said that they tell each other everything. His Daughter looks at her Daddy with big teary eyes and says she will do anything he wants just so he won’t tell Mom. She stands up and removes her clothes right in front of him. She then sits down and begins to touch herself. She tells Daddy that he can have her. He can do anything he wants to her. She then takes his big cock out and asks Daddy if it’s all right if his little girl sucks on it?

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