Aidra Fox – Daddys Little Monster

Aidra shows up late for class at beauty school but the teacher Miss Kenna tells her that class was cancelled. Their is a strange hunger in Miss Kenna’s eyes that draws young Aidra in. Miss Kenna offers to style Aidra’s hair and since Aidra could never afford something like that from such a prestigious stylist she gladly accepts. But Miss Kenna has something in mind other than changing young Aidra’s hair

Aidra wakes up in her room, it is late at night, her step-dad is banking on the door about how she stayed in bed all day. Aidra is confused but then, a terrible hunger hits her, and she begins to change

Aidra has always wanted more from her step-dad. More patience, more attention, more respect. Now her wants have changed, and so has her ability to get it. She takes what she wants and “dad’ is utterly helpless.

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