Alex Blake – Sister’s Distraction

Alex Blake! This clip is from Family Therapy. Alex is relaxing in her room when her brother jumps into the bed cock out and everything, asking his sister if she wants to have sex. She says no, they can’t do it anymore, she’s got a boyfriend now. Dude (isn’t his name Alex too?) can’t believe it! “You don’t want sex??” he asks repeatedly. Sis relents and says he can go jack off while looking at her if he wants, if he needs to. Dude starts stroking, but dick’s too dry so he asks his sister to spit on it, twice. Sis does, a little bit annoyed.

Eventually though sis gives in and they fuck. Missionary, and then from behind, in my favorite position ever – fucking from behind with her legs together. Alex Blake looks really cute in this, not too much make-up on, certainly has that “I’m just hanging out at home!” look, or maybe she’s just really cute. I don’t know what do you think? I’m rambling but forgive me I rarely upload and nobody ever reads descriptions anyway. If you do though… let me know in the comments!

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