Alex Harper – Step Dad’s Big Tip (Rodney Moore, 2016) 1080p

Just last night, leggy brunette Alex Harper won an amateur “Best Boobs” contest at the local strip club. She had so much fun competing and dancing on stage that now she wants to be a stripper!

The only catch is, she needs a ride from her step-dad to her audition. In order to twist his arm, she pulls up her tank top and shows off her award winning ta-tas. Step-dad Rodney is obviously torn; he wants to look at her, but she’s his step-daughter!

Nevertheless, she tells him that she needs to practice being comfortable naked around men, so she sheds her clothes while he sits on the couch and watches. She also needs to practice giving lap dances before her try out, so she straddles the resistant Rodney and grinds her bare ass all over his crotch. He starts to like what he sees and feels, so he decides to give her a few “tips” of his own. Like, she better get used to guys touching her breasts, which he demonstrates. And if she takes them to the back room, they will want to eat her pussy out and play with themselves, which he does. They will want to rub their dicks against her pussy lips, and some might even put it in, which he does.

Rodney fucks his step-daughter good and hard, before she drops to her knees and sucks his dick. As he rubs the head of his cock against her tongue, drool drips down all over her boobs. Saliva and cum cover her thighs as she plays with her clit. Finally, she lies on her stomach, licking his balls and stroking his cock, until he shoots a huge load of jizz all over her cheeks and mouth. Now that step-dad has shown her the ropes (of cum), Alex is ready to nail her stripper audition!

Includes some POV, sloppy oral sex with rimming and ball licking, groping, toe sucking, various positions (bench, missionary, doggy style), facial.

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