Alina West in Mommy Double

Alina was home alone so she went through some of her moms things to try and find the photo album from when they went on a family vacation. She misses those times. She misses her mom. While she was going through, she found some really sexy lingerie, and put it on to feel closer to her. Her mother was so beautiful. Shes wearing the lingerie, dancing around her parents bedroom, when her dad walks in. Whoops, guess she wasnt home alone! Shes startled, trying to cover herself up with a blanket. They sit down on the edge of the bed and talk about Alinas mom and how much they miss her. Its really difficult for Rock to think about. That lingerie was a gift for her. They both just miss her so much. They comfort each other. She looks just like her mother. They cant get rid of her stuff, instead Rock wants his beautiful daughter to take it. They embrace each other, looking to one another for comfort. They feel so close. They start to kiss, deeply and passionately. She climbs on top of him, straddling him in her mothers lingerie. She grinds on him, rolling her hips as they make out. Then she takes off her dads pants and starts to suck his dick. She does more than look like her mother. She flips her body around so that they can 69, her favorite position. He eats her pussy while she sucks his dick. Then he fucks her. She fucks just like her mother. She moans and yells as he fucks her hard. She bounces on his dick, her perfect ass slapping his thighs.

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