All Holes For Daddy

It’s been so nice around here since mom has been gone away on business. All weekend its just been me and my daddy. I love it when we can be alone. Mom is such a bitch, she’s always nagging him and acting crazy. I can’t help but feel that both of us would be so much happier if it were just the two of us. I want to have daddy all to myself. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. But I can’t have daddy as long as mom is around. I’ve been flirting with daddy all weekend, teasing him in my short little shorts. Touching him here and there…But now it’s time to tell daddy exactly what I want. I climb up on his bed. I show him everything he can do to me once he leaves mommy. He can fuck my mouth…my pussy…and he can even be the first to fuck my ass. I slowly tease his cock with my hands. I rub daddy’s dick against my wet little pussy. I press the tip of his cock against my virgin ass. I know how bad he wants to fuck his little girl’s ass. I bounce my round cheeks up and down with daddy’s cock pressed between my cheeks. I know it’s over with mommy. Daddy and I belong together. His cock twitches and expands as he rubs his cock against by tight little fuck hole. I ask him to tell me how bad he wants to put his cock inside all of my holes. His cock spews cum all over my wet little cunt and ass. I love my daddy and daddy loves me. Bye bye mommy.

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