Allie Nicole | Stepdaughter Caught Stealing Easter Egg Money [1080p]

Allie Nicole is on the phone with her friend planning to go out but is stuck waiting for her step dad to return so he can give her money. She tells her friend how sexy her step dad looks in his boxers, her friend asked would she ever fuck him and Allie says she would never because her mother would be extremely mad. After she get off the phone with her friend Allie is horny and wants to masturbate so she calls out to see if anyone was home and didn’t get a response; So she gets her trusty Hitachi and goes to work. While making her way to orgasm her step dad walks in and is pissed he caught her masturbating and storms out. Allie goes down to talk to him and apologize and afterward still asks him for the money and he tells her no. Allie decided that when her step dad isn’t around she’ll just steal the money and go out but he catches her and ends up strip searching her for the money. Standing there naked Allie takes advantage of the perfect opportunity to fuck her step dad.

Sex Acts: Blowjob, Doggystyle, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary,


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Duration :00:29:24

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