Alyssa Hart-Sharing Is Caring

Alyssa makes head cheerleader at school and celebrates by fucking her dad until she’s surprised by her well hung uncle and she FUCKS them both!
Alyssa came home excited about making HEAD CHEERLEADER on her squad. She tells her dad about her exciting news and then shows him how she did it. Sitting on the couch with her legs spread she smiles and says “See, no panties.” He laughs and tells her what a good little slut she is. “You know part of being a head cheerleader is not just being flexible but having team spirit” her dad explained. “I have team spirit daddy” she says unfastening his jeans.
She shows him how much spirit she has by shoving his thick cock in her mouth. “I always forget how big you are” she mumbles. His dick standing at attention Alyssa’s dad lays her back on the couch and slides inside her tight young twat. “Ohhh that feels good. Your cock feels so good inside me” she moans as he pushes deep. He tells her balance is important also so her pulls her up and has her sit on his cock “Ohhh myyyy goddd” she screams as her dad power pumps her pussy.
With his cock still deep inside he picks his daughter up and bangs her over the side doggystyle. “We have to finish before your uncle gets here for the game” he tells her in between strokes. Alyssa nods but is more into getting her pussy banged than paying attention. Minutes pass and unbeknown to them, Alyssa’s uncle Pike walks in on them. “What’s going on her bro?” he asks.
“You know your niece and she just made head cheerleader so we were celebrating” her dad explains. He tells Pike he’s going to take a break and grab a beer. “What to tap in?” he asks. Before he finishes the question his brother has his clothes off and his cock in his niece’s mouth. “Your dad and I have shared many girls over the years” he tells her. Alyssa can barely get her uncle’s dick in her mouth. “You’re so big Uncle Pike. I’m not sure it’s going to fit inside me” she says nervously.
Alyssa tells her uncle to sit down and she climbs on his coke can cock. She lowers down slowly and her pussy lips wrap around the veins of his dick. She bites her lips as Pike bounces her up and down on his massive erection. She fucks her uncle until her dad walks back in to finish up. “Let’s finish up the game’s coming on” he tells them. Alyssa is happy to blow them instead because her pussy couldn’t take any more cock. She sucks one then the other stroking their fat dicks with her little hands. The guys jerk off on Alyssa’s face making her eyes stick shut. Pike gives his brother a high five and tells him, “See bro sharing is caring.”

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