Anya Olsen – Natural Harvest – Scene I – Ice Breaker 720p

Cute pink lipstick, and dark eyelashes, Anya looks into the mirror and puts on makeup. “Good morning, Dad,” she says sweetly. He stands behind her watching and rubbing her shoulders making her feel awkward. She tells him to stop and that it’s really weird. He shushes her, putting his arm around her neck and touching her with his free hand. “Dad, this is wrong.” She tries to fight him off.

“Please!” she moans, Dad stripping her of her clothes, bending her over the counter, and licking her sweet pussy. Anya feels something press against her pussy lips making her tremble. “Please, don’t hurt me Dad,” she begs, her Dad slowly filling her with cock. Each thrust like nails on a chalkboard making her shiver. He fucks her harder and harder and there’s nothing she can do about it. “Fuck you, I hate you, Dad,” Anya manages to say amid her sobs of humiliation. How it happened she doesn’t know but she cums with her father’s hand around her neck, his cock deep inside her, and she feels him fill her with hot warm cum.

“Put your clothes back on and get ready for school,” he tells her.

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