April Dawn – Alone with Daddy

One of these two Sisters is guilty of having cigarettes in the house…and Dad is about to find out which one!!! After a thorough grilling….Dad discovers that April is the guilty party…so he dismisses Stevie to her room….and tells April that she is going to spend some Alone Time with Daddy….and receive the “extreme” punishment!!! The punishment starts with a hard over the knee spanking of April’s round bottom….and then progresses to Daddy shoving his cock in April’s mouth. “If you’re going to put cigarettes in your mouth….expect Daddy’s cock in your mouth!!” he says. Then Daddy shoves his cock in April’s tight, young pussy, and gives her the hardest fucking she could ever imagine!!! April screams out in agony….telling Daddy that he is hurting her….but Dad continues until he soaks April in semen!!

Sex Acts: spanking, blowjob, doggy style, reverse cowgirl, missionary, cum on tits

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