Aspen Ora – The birds and the bees

Daddy is tucking Aspen into bed and asks him to tell her a story. He spins a yarn about a special bear, that happened to be pink. The bear was running through the forest and he came across a tall, dark-haired, beautiful woman.
He describes the woman, who looks a lot like Aspen; very pretty!
Daddy decides it is time to talk about life, as well as the bird and the bees. No more silly stories!
Aspen likes boys a lot, and Daddy wants her to keep her body separate. He says that she should just give them blowjobs instead. But shes never given ANYONE a blowjob!
Well, this is a perfect opportunity for Daddy to lay down and pull out his cock. He teaches Aspen how to suck cock perfectly until he cums hard in her mouth. A very delicious bedtime story!

Sex Acts: blowjob only, female completion, cumshot in the air

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