Athena Faris and Lacey Lennon – Dad, I want you to fuck my Friend (1080p)

Part 1
My daughter Lacey has her INSANELY hot friend Athena sleeping over. They always find reasons to come out in the living room in there “comfy clothes” that shows off how amazing and perfect their bodies are. Girls did NOT look like that when I was their age. I shouldn’t even notice how how gorgeous my daughter is, but it it’s hard not too.

I am in bed, struggling to fall asleep, and then Lacey and Athena just barge in. Jesus! I was half about to jerk off to take the edge off and now the girls are in my room in their panties. Fuck! And Lacey starts being pretty bold. Oh My God! She wants me to fuck Athena, she wants to watch, she wants to join in!

Part 2
So “my girls” as they call themselves now have become little slut brats/ They want constant attention, and just want to be bad! They come in ready for me to take them to the mall, and then, just can’t help themselves. I can’t hide my reactions. A guy my age, with two insatiable HOT slutty girls wanting it all the time. I know one of them is my daughter, but Lacey seems VERY sure of what she wants, and, we’ve always been close. We just have to keep this all a secret.

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