Aubrey Sinclair – Polishing Daddy’s Knob [1080p]

Aubrey’s loving daddy has taken her away for their own private vacation, but once they are tucked into their cozy retreat, he becomes affectionate in a very different way. Groping at her newly developed boobs and kissing her neck, she is unsure of this new form of attention, but slowly warms to it. Taking the older man’s stiff member into her tiny hands, she licks it like a lollipop, spitting and drooling on the hard shaft until it’s slick and shiny. Daddy shows his appreciation by reaching into her panties and playing with her naughty, private parts.
Daddy’s holds Aubrey’s adorable face as she again takes his cock into her tiny mouth. He admires her gorgeous eyes and beautiful blonde hair as her lips slide up and down his veiny shaft. Nearing orgasm, he grabs the back of her neck and shoves his dick deeper into the girl’s mouth. She is up to the challenge and engulfs his meat with her mouth as he erupts jizz into the back of her throat. Daddy cradles Aubrey’s head in his lap as he takes a moment to recover. Aubrey coos and closes her eyes. She cuddles closer to her Daddy as his warm cum runs down her chin.

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