Bad Daughter

PART ONE: Alex Caught Stealing in Dad’s Office – Alex decides to help herself to some petty cash from dad’s office. But when he catches her, she finds out the punishment for her petty theft.
PART TWO: Alex Busted Sneaking in After Partying – Alex thought she could get away with sneaking in through her window after staying out ’til 2am and drinking who knows what with her friends. She is dressed like a total whore, and dad teaches her a hard lesson.
PART THREE: Alex – Making it up to Dad – Alex’s Dad doesn’t think she does enough to help. He is stressed and decides that her soft young hands can really take the edge of his stress?
Scenes contain Alex being caught stealing in the first scene so to punish her daddy insists they have sex on the desk ending in a facial.  In the 2nd scene Alex gets caught sneaking home at 2am and daddy decides if she is going to behave like a slut he will treat her as such and they have sex on her bed ending in another facial he does not allow her to clean it off her face and must sleep that way.  After thinking her situation through in the third scene Alex learns to accept her punishment and offers to become her massage therapist with benefits and ends the massage with a amazing handjob/blowjob ending in a facial.

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