Bailey Brooke – Father&Daughter Affair

Daughter is in the bathroom getting ready. Dad gets touchy, but daughter keeps resisting, she needs to get ready to go out with his husband, they have reservations. Dad keeps insisting, and starts fondling her breasts, but daughter’s mind is made up, they can’t do it they don’t have time. Dad gives up and says goodnight.

A week later…

Dad is sleeping in the couch, daughter gets in and sits beside dad. She needs some good dick! She pulls out dad’s dick and starts sucking. “This is just what I needed”, she says. She continues sucking his dick.

Daughter removes her tank top and she resumes her duties.

She then gets fucked laying on the sofa, She seems to like it. Doggy. Daughter gets down on the floor and kneels over the couch to suck his dick. Nice angle btw, her ass looks real good in this view. She gets on the couch, and rides daddy. She gets on the floor again and dad jerks all over her face.

Daughter realizes she’s already late for something and goes away in quite a hurry. The end.

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