Blowing My Step Dad To Keep Him From Telling Me

Young Sandra is being watched by her dad while her mom is out of town on a business trip. She comes home one hour past her strict curfew and tries to sneak inside the house as quiet as possible but her dad is waiting for her. She begs him to keep this a secret because she knows in how much trouble she could be in if her mom finds out. Her dad points out to her that not only is she late but she also reeks like alcohol. Sandra comes up with the brilliant idea of seducing him the whole way up the stairs as she gives him upskirt views of her bare ass. She makes her dad walk behind her like a little puppy as she teases him mercilessly with her near bare ass. They go into her dads office and Sandra sucks his dick until he shoots his load deep inside of her mouth and like a good girl that she is she swallows every drop of his cum and then licks his dick clean. Maybe next time Sandra is late she can “Fuck Her Way Out Of Trouble.”

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