Brenna Sparks Needs Ice Cream Money

Little Brenna needs money for ice cream. She asks her step father nicely but he still says no. He is more concerned with the fact that his little girl is growing up so fast and running around without her big tits in a bra. Brenna sees what he is interested in and the teen quickly seduces him before her Mommy gets home. She sucks his cock for a while, bends over to show him what paradise looks like, then teases his cock out of his pants and blows him some more. Then the randy bastard gets on top of her and fucks her for a while, then she licks her juices off his cock, then he bangs her from behind before blowing on her stomach.

Brenna is growing up more and more every day, and her promises that this will be the last time. They both know it won’t be.

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