Bryci – Show me how Daddy

Bryci is on her iPad and her mothers boyfriend os next to her on the bed looking at his iPad when he notices she is
looking at porn. He confronts her and she confesses she is checking out porn because she’s never given a BloJob to her
boyfriend and they have been dating for a while and thinks it’s time but she doesn’t know how. After some small talk the
man tells her it’s okey if she wanted to try giving him a blowjob and he could teach her how it should be done. Her later
says it’s okay to call him daddy and she plays along. She undoes his pants and is careful to pull out his cock and starts
stroking it, she later licks her hand and strokes his cock , he says it appears to him that she knows what she’s doing
and asks if she was telling the truth that she’s never done this before. She keeps asking if he likes what she is doing as
she sucks his cock and he says Yes that’s it treat my dick like a lollypop. He later tells her one of the things guys like
is for girls to talk dirty while giving a blowjob, she does but not in a slutty way, she does talk like a young girl just
talking dirty to a guy for the first time. She says she wants to taste his cum….and finally he does she licks it up and
swallows it and says she likes it.

Scene contains Handjob, Blowjob , shows her nice breasts , but no titty fucking, dirty talk and cum swallow.


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