Build It Up – Jillian Janson and Naomi Swann Teases Step-dad for Money

Cousins Naomi and Jillian want to go out but again have no money. Jillian knows Naomi’s stepdad always has a lot of cash on him and sleeps with his wallet to protect it. They decide to sneak into his room and try to grab it without him noticing. Well he busts them but Jillian knows exactly what to do and goes right for his cock. She starts to suck it and Naomi sits on his face. The girls want his money but he is reluctant to give it up so the girls go to Plan B and slowly stroke his cock and every time he gets close to cumming they stop and giggle and tell him the only way he is going to cum is if he gives them all of his money. The girls build up his load until it is truly unbearable and he agrees and is finally allowed to cum.

Sex Acts and Positions: Blwojob, handjob, girl-girl kissing, handjob to completion, facesitting. No female nudity, no fucking

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