Cadence Luxx in Love and Openness

Scene One: Homework helper

Cadence is at home struggling with her math homework when her father asks if she needs help. He rubs her shoulders as she works and it makes her feel a bit uncomfortable. You just need some stress relief he tells her slowly working his hands to her chest. She tries to get him to stop as his hands softly grope her body.

He lifts her out of her chair so he can keep massaging her and as she works pulls up her skirt I’m not sure I can concentrate with you doing that She says. Keep working, don’t question me He tells her slapping her ass. He fingers her young wet pussy and she pleads with him to stop and let her work on her math. Daddy! I don’t think this is going to help She screams when he thrusts his hard perverted cock inside of her. He makes her continue her homework as he fucks her. She feels herself filled with warm hot liquid as he tells her the answer to one of the questions.

Scene Two:Bad Dreams

That night Cadence is warm and safe in her bed. A slight creak of the door and her father pulls down her covers. She pretends to be asleep as she feels him slide off her panties and pull up her shirt. His strong hands touch her body and she prays that he will just leave her alone. Her eyes pop open as she feels him open her and push inside. She screams Where’s mommy and he puts his hand over her mouth. Don’t wake up mommy He tells her and starts to violate her.

Oh daddy She screams, gritting her teeth and pleading with him. It hurts she moans to him. He keeps fucking her making her cold inside and shaking with fear. She’s told to open her mouth and she looks away as his cock shoots warm cum over her terrified face. Go back to sleep he tells her, and leaves his daughter softly sobbing.

Scene Three: After school special

Daddy, Where’s mommy Cadence begs, her breasts being sucked and groped. After coming home from school her dad wasted no time in pinning her to the couch and getting on top of her. She flaunts her hot young body around the house and her dad just can’t control himself. Daddy please She moans as he pulls down her pants and fucks her from behind.

She can’t fight him off and is used by her strong father. Holding her head he tells her to close her mouth around him and he fills her mouth with salty goo. She screams with surprise, her eyes opening wide with shock as she’s told to swallow.

Scene Four: House broken daughter

Days have past and Cadence is in the kitchen studying when her father comes in. She tries to keep quiet thinking he may leave her alone. His hands begin to rub her shoulders and she tries to fight the fear inside of her. He apologizes for what’s been happening lately and how uncomfortable he’s made her feel. As he rubs her back something happens… She begins to like it.

Something deep inside of her breaks through and soon a white hot feeling washes over her as her father feels her body. Every touch electric, making her moan. He pulls off her clothes and fucks her right there in the kitchen. Oh my god She screams. She’s never felt so good. Her dad chokes her and dominates her and she transforms into a whorish little daddy’s slut, cumming over and over. He jerks and cums all over her face making her smile in satisfaction.
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