Carolina Sweets – An Offer My Dad Can’t Refuse!!

This project isn’t going to do itself
But I don’t want to do it..
This is your final project!
Once you do this you won’t have to do anymore work for this class!
Well… do you remember that time I gave you a handjob?
Sweety we can’t talk about that! It never happened…
It did happen tho.. and I think you liked it..
What if you do this project for me, and I let you stick it in me!
What!? No this is wrong, your mother is sitting in the other room!

When my daughter saw the opportunity to get out of doing her homework,
she took advantage and offered herself to me.
If I agree to doing her homework, she’d let me fuck her brains out!
Deep down I know she really wanted her dads dick again!….

Sex acts:

Blowjob, Standing Doggy Style, Cowgirl, Missionary, Sideways, Vaginal Creampie.

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