Chloe Foster – A Lesson My Daughter Will Never Forget

Last week, something happened between my daughter and I that I just can’t stop thinking about. Her sexuality is what I have been craving for so long. The way she teased me with her tight 18 year old body and took control of my cock was such a turn on! My wife hasn’t been able to get me that excited in years!

I hear my daughter in the bathroom brushing her teeth and instantly thought about how soft and wet her vigina felt, unlike my old boring grumpy wife… Maybe she’ll want to fool around real quick… So I walk in and surprise her!

Dad what are you doing?!

I just wanted to see what you’re up to in here…

I’m getting ready for bed. What do you want?

I can’t believe she just turned me down like that! This little bitch just used me to get a car, and now she’s done with me. Well tonight, I’m going to teach her lesson that she’ll never forget…

After my wife dozes off, I walk down the hall to my daughter’s room and find her resting in bed. Now’s my chance to get what I want! I throw the blanket off my little girl and start groping her chest and private parts…

Then Chloe wakes up to find her father standing over her petite body with a raging hard on!

She tries to yell out but I cover her mouth and tell her to shut up!

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