Cinderella Syndrome

HIGH DEFINITION VERSION. Poor misty, her years with Rachel had been horrible. Rachel married her wealthy father for his money and ruled the roost. Her father was gone all the time so Rachel and her stepson began a sexual relationship. They worked misty like Cinderella. She would clean the house, cook the meals and be forced to watch her brother fuck Rachel everywhere in the house. misty was punished and forced to pleasure Rachel by licking her cunt, getting it wet and ready for brother to fuck. misty was trapped, she could not tell her father since he put Rachel in charge of the entire estate in case something happened to him. Fury grew inside her day by day. Rachel became very ill. She required a nurse and was on oxygen. Bedridden, she relied on misty to care for her since father was away. One day Aaron was not home, misty went to Rachel. Rachel told her to turn up the oxygen tank. misty turned it off. Rachel demanded her to turn it on. misty remembered all the degrading acts she was forced to do for the step monster and she walked out of the room. Rachel sadly passed away in the night. After the funeral her father was distraught. misty had a plan, she knew her dad was faithful so that meant he was not having sex for months when he traveled. With Rachel gone it was her chance to rule the roost. She went to dad’s room during his nap. She wasted no time pulling his pants down and sucking his cock. He slowly awoke to see his topless daughter deep thrusting his hard on into her mouth. He told her to stop. He was confused. She told him she was going to make him feel like a man again. It felt so good he could not hold back. After months of abstinence he unleashed a huge load of cum down his daughter’s throat. He was horrified at what he had just done. misty swallowed all of his cum, licked his cock clean and smiled. She knew that her plan was succeeding. Later that week Aaron and his father were doing some yard work. misty sat on the porch in her little short skirt with her panties peaking out. Her guilty father looked away and focused his attention on his son. He was conflicted with his feelings. He had just buried his wife and he was feeling attracted toward is daughter. He was overwhelmed and said he had to go lie down. misty slipped back into the house and changed clothes. She walked quietly into her father’s room. She pulled down his pajama bottoms and started sucking his cock again. He thought he was having an erotic dream only to wake up and see his dauther with his cock in her mouth again. He tried to resist but he was weakening. She looked him in the eye and told him it was OK as she sucked his cock. She also told him how cruel Rachel and Aaron had been to her. Father let her pleasure his huge hard lonely cock. Soon she was letting him play with her swollen clit. Father then mounted his little daughter of only 19 years. He fucked her tight pussy slow to watch it go in and out. misty moaned. Aaron was just outside the French doors sweeping when he heard a moan he looked in and saw them. He was furious. He knew what that little gold digging bitch was up to. Aaron owned her and he would take her back. Dad was ready to cum, he climbed up on her chest and came in her open mouth. misty swallowed his hot load to show him how she loved him. Her father collapsed on the bed from exhaustion and went back to sleep. She played with his softening cock and told him to sleep tight. Aaron waited for her in the living room, dad was asleep. Aaron was waiting in the living room as she sneaked out and confronted her. He threatened to tell his father that misty was only interested in the money, so if she really just wanted him sexually she would not need money. misty was stuck. Aaron made his demands clear, she was to sexually please him as well whenever he wanted. misty was disgusted, it was gross enough to have sex with her dad but now her brother too. He told her to strip. He pulled down his pants and forced her mouth down on his hard cock. He made her suck him until he was worked up. He told her to get on her hands and knees because he was going to fuck the daylights out of her. She told him to put on a condom. She did not want to get pregnant, particularly by her brother. He pushed her down on the floor on her back. He had her pinned to the floor. He reached between them and pulled off the condom. He jammed his cock into her and held up the condom for her to see. She told him not to cum in her but it was too late. He knew that this was her fertile time and there was an excellent chance she would get pregnant. Now she would have his son and would be in his control forever. Poor Cinderella.

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