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Anya was getting ready for her date with Mr. Johnson while Daddy was wondering if this was a big mistake. He sat there contemplating if what he was doing was right. How wrong was it to whore his beautiful Daughter out to his Boss? But he did not have a choice. And she was really excited to do it. But he felt differently now that he has been with his own Daughter in a sexual way. Anya came out in her sexy outfit that Daddy got her and twirled around to show him. She thought he would be happy to see her looking so naughty. But Daddy told her he did not want her to do this, that he could find another job and that they would be ok. Anya explained that she wanted to do it. That she would make Mr. Johnson so happy that he would probably give Daddy a raise! Her Father still insisted she should not do it. Anya realizes that her Daddy did not want him to fuck Mr. Johnson because they still have not had sex yet. So she asks her Daddy if he wanted to fuck her tight pussy first before Mr. Johnson had her. Daddy said that might make things better. In the end she begs Daddy to cum in her pussy and then plays with her cum filled hole in front of Daddy. Letting him know that she is not on birth control but not to worry because she would not let Mr. Johnson cum inside her pussy. “Do you think Mr. Johnson will like my pussy?” she asks her Daddy. He smiles.

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