Daddy Fucks His Fairy Princess 1080(Part1)

“So my daddy had this hot idea to film me confessing to my first sexual experience with him… for his masturbating pleasure, of course. He told me to dress up and sit on my couch like the pretty little fairy princess I am. I did just that, and started telling my sexy taboo tale as soon as the camera was filming! He got horny while filming me, I made sure of that, and started stroking his hard cock like there was no tomorrow! So i got more and more turned on… and at some point I couldn’t resist anymore and called him over from behind the camera to stick that big throbbing rod into my wet mouth.
I took it all in, deepthroating and sucking it in every way I knew how, I wouldn’t let go of it even for a moment! I begged him to put it inside my pink cunt and pushed out my ass to make it easy for him. He fucked me sideways until he decided he wanted to cum in my mouth, to use me as any good daughter should be used! I got on my knees then and dutifully made him shoot his load on my tongue… ”

Sex Acts: blowjob, deepthroat, sideways, cumshot in mouth

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Resolution :1920 x 1080 Windows Media
Duration :00:10:01

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