Daddy’s Little Girl Amarna Mille 2016.09.13

I just picked up foreign exchange student, Amarna Miller, from the airport & it’s time to introduce her to you, my sheltered son. “This is Amarna. She’s Mexican,” I tell you. Amarna tries to say that she’s Spanish & from Europe but that doesn’t matter to me. The only thing that matters is that I got a very cute foreign girl to be your new friend. I explain to Amarna that I’ve provided a good opportunity for her to learn in America, but I had another motive in allowing her to stay in our home: my son is shy & not very good with women.” You’re embarrassed at what I’m saying, but you know it’s true. “Amarna is a cute girl, worldly, and she can help you get more comfortable around girls,” I explain. “The only girl he’s ever been with is his mother.” Amarna thinks it’s a very weird situation & she’s quite uncomfortable.
I explain that I am a mother who only wants the best for my son. I take out your cock & start sucking. You’re a little shy at first because of the new girl, but pretty soon you warm up to my familiar mouth. I tell Amarna that I know you’re outgrowing me & you need another woman in your life. She’s very reluctant & at first she won’t suck your cock, but eventually she warms up to you. She realizes that I am just a good mother doing what I have to, and she also realizes that she’s going to have to co-exist with us for the next 6 months, so she’d better play along.
Amarna & I take turns riding you, and she really gets into it. This isn’t so bad. You might be a little odd, but you have a nice cock & it feels good. You’ve been shy about being with other girls, but now you know that being with your mom has helped prepare you for this. As you explode in an amazing orgasm inside the foreign exchange student, you feel grateful to your mom for bringing you this girl. Your mom interrupts your thoughts: “You’re not cumming inside her are you?” Then she asks Amarna if she’s on birth control. Amarna isn’t, and she looks very worried. Your mom tries to dig out the creampie & reassures Amarna that it will probably be okay, but she isn’t so sure.

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