Dakota Skye Wants You To Have The Best Daddy’s Day

The video starts off with Dakota Skye naked wearing an apron in the kitchen, having ‘made cookies for fathers day’ for her stepfather. The stepfather then asks why she is naked, she responds that she wants to play and takes off her apron and begs him to let her suck his dick. He then feels ashamed of what he has done and sends Dakota to her room.

In the next scene she is in her bedroom crying about her stepdad abruptly ending the blowjob, but her stepdad says its okay for ‘just this one time’. She goes back to sucking his dick, and then to fucking her doggy style. She then starts sucking his dick again, and starts fucking her in cowgirl. Afterwards, they go to reverse cowgirl, and back to blowjob again. Next its missionary. They alternate between doggy style and blowjob for a while, ending with a cumshot on her face.

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