Daughter Swap – Alyce Sage, Kimberly Moss (The Rave Trade)

Kim and Alyce are super excited for this weekends techno rave. They have all their plur gear and kandi ready to go. They only forgot one thing, and thats to buy the tickets! Uh-Oh. In this situation of dire need, they only have one last shred of hope. They have to ask their daddys buy them since they love them so much ;). The girls approach their papas, and describe the event completely wrong. The only thing those dads would pay for their hot ass daughters to attend would be a gospel party or abstinence extravaganza. The girls beg and beg but it doesnt work. Then they get on their knees and beg some more, shortly after sticking those nasty…

Positions include oral, missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl,doggy and pile driver.

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Duration :00:32:18

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