Daughters In Lust – Alyssa Hart,Hope Harper

It’s America’s birthday and also Hope & Alyssa’s Daddy. What better than waking up to your daughter giving you a blowjob? BOTH your slut daughters sucking and fucking you for your special day!Alyssa and Hope wake up excited to surprise the dad on his birthday. They both quickly shower and get dressed. Daddy has no idea what hes getting today Hope giggles. The girls run in and jump on their dads bed waking him up shouting HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY. Alyssa and Hope tell him they want to blow out his candle and pull down the sheets. The girls take turns sucking his thick cock and then give him a double treat. Hope climbs on her daddys face and Alyssa on his cock. The girls switch back and forth getting banged from behind while eating each others pussy. They even lie on top of one another while daddy goes back and forth fucking each of their young tight cunts. Hope and Alyssa get on their knees while daddy jerks off on both their faces.

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