Daughter’s Oral Fixation

That thing she always does with her mouth was so distracting. No matter how many times you told her to stop, your daughter constantly found objects to put between her lips, idly tonguing and sucking, totally oblivious to what perverted ideas it inspired in boys… and in you… her own father. You couldn’t stop from imagining doing dirty things to her needy, little mouth.

Watching her thumb slide in and out of her wet lips as the tip of her tongue slipperily explored its surface made you hard. You knew it was wrong. You shouldn’t think about how daughter this way, but it was her fault for disobeying, blaming it on some condition she had. An ‘oral fixation.’

You felt an unexpected surge of jealous protection overcome you when she sheepishly asked if her boyfriend could visit. Absolutely not. Especially when she had such a compulsive need to occupy her mouth with phallic objects. You knew exactly what this boy would want from your daughter. The exact same thing you did. You wouldn’t allow it. But not for the noble reasons a good father should have…

Through a crack in her bedroom door, she whispered to this boy on the phone. Thumb bobbing on her wet tongue, your daughter breathily asked if he imagined his penis in her mouth like the other boys did. She actually wanted to feel his engorged cock on her tongue. Her hand moved down under the covers… between her legs, rubbing slowly. Then faster.

You couldn’t help the rising pressure between your legs. Her heaving breasts, eager mouth agape awaiting a stiff cock to fill it, the dirty words spilling out of your daughter’s innocent lips… her shuddering orgasm. It was too much. You needed her. And you would take her. Tonight. While she slept. To finally stuff yourself into her hungry, sleeping mouth, sliding in and out until you couldn’t hold that hot, wet orgasm back any longer… would feel amazing. And it did.

She stirred, waking as the cum pooled in her mouth, forcing her to swallow. Confused, your daughter pieced it all together. That her own father couldn’t resist burying his cock deep into her restless, little mouth… that he had taken advantage of her condition, just like any man would. But you know she’ll come back to you. You know that your daughter will want more… she won’t be able to resist her curiosity for cock and the sensation of a thick, swollen penis penetrating that pretty mouth… Even if it’s her father’s

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