Do What He Says Daddy (Kendra Cole) Forced Part 1

Desy Diary
I moved back home after a year at school and things were settling in nicely. One night in my bedroom I was masturbating and started having a very vivid fantasy. I saw myself taking my father prisoner and making him do kinky sexual things with me that soon became such an obsession I formulated a plan. One of my friends agreed to play an intruder the next time mom was gone.
My plan was flawless and soon Daddy was handcuffed, blindfolded and shackled on he couch. I played with his cock a minute then before I sucked it I told Daddy I was scared. I took his cock in my mouth and was glad he couldn’t see the smile on my face. I played the game out perfectly, getting on top of Daddy and riding him til he came inside me. When I was done I took off the blidfold and told daddy the truth. I’m glad he wasn’t too upset and had a heart attack or something.

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