Extrem pervers!

“Oh God, my stepfathers cum ran out of my pussy while my date stuck his cock into me . At the end of this story you’ll probably ask you incredulously: “What happened there?” Believe me, I was just stunned at the moment. Honestly, I still can not believe it . Above all, the story became even more blatant and took a turn that you have so certainly not experienced! Have you ever seen something like this?”

OK, this one is confusing as hell given I don’t understand the spoken German, so … As far as I can tell the “plot” goes like this – Schnuggie is making out with her boyfriend, but he has to go out to pick up Schnuggie’s best friend LanaLoud, leaving Schnuggie horny & frustrated. Cue her stepfather, who has been spying on them, stepping in to take care of it for her. Stepdad gets a blowjob, and fucks her on the couch leaving Schnuggie with a creampie present. Then boyfriend returns, and runs upstairs to finish what he started. Stepdad sneaks up to spy on them again and is followed by LanaLoud who *also* wants a pervy look. Lana decides she’ll give stepdad a blowjob while he watches Scnhuggie & boyfriend Part 2 from Lana’s POV to follow …


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