Father_Daughter_Uncle – Veronica Is An Escort

Two brothers are sitting in a couch and one of them reveals that he’s called an escort who’s coming over any time now. They agree to split the cost between them, so they can both fuck her. Suddenly, Veronica, the daughter of one of the guys enters the room. She confronts them and asks why they ordered an escort. They realize that she is the escort.

She tells them to just cough up the money and she’ll leave without telling anyone about it and pretend it never happened. However, they’re hesitant, because they paid for an escort. Eventually, she agrees to do “a little dance” for them and it all just escalates from there.

She sits in cowgirl position grinding her uncle, with clothes still on, rubbing her tits in his face. Then she does the same thing on her own father. They guys start getting a bit aroused and her tits and ass are coming out of her dress. Suddenly, she’s sitting between them jerking her uncle’s and her father’s cock. She starts sucking their cocks and after a while gets up on the couch to get more comfortable sucking her uncle’s dick while her father is fucking her doggy style. Then they reverse it, so she’s sucking her dad while getting rammed doggy by her uncle. Then they reverse it again and she sucks her uncle until he comes in her face. Her dad still hasn’t come yet, so she rides him in cowgirl position before she switches to doggy. He accidentally comes inside of her. “Oh, nooooo, daddyyyy!”

Then she promptly leaves and the guys pass out on the couch, dicks still whipped out.

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