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Scene Three: Black Mailed

Harlow is on her phone when she gets a text from her dad. She’s been staying at home for a while now and he wants her to start paying rent. She laughs in bed at the thought of a money based society. Her dad should let her live there because he’s her dad and no other reason. “Like, there’s no way I’m paying this” Harlow says. He walks into her room and explains how money works to his “freedom” .

He takes away everything he bought for her, her phone, her clothes everything was paid by him. “What do you want me to do, conformist” Harlow spits at him. He explains to her that if she wants to keep living there she will have to perform a service. Taking her hand he places it on his dick and watches his daughters face turn to disgust. She has no choice but to do what she’s told. “Oh my god” She says mortified, slowly bending over and sucking her father’s disgusting dick. He fucks her on the bed, getting his moneys worth from her tight pussy and perky breasts. He tells her to open her mouth and drops a big load all over her hippy face, just like he always wanted to do to her mother. Harlow is getting a great education in capitalism.

Scene Four: Freeloaders pay

“Dad I have a bill that needs paying” Harlow moans walking into her dad’s bedroom. He tells her to get a job or go back to college. “I will do things that mom wont do” Harlow says removing her last bit of pride. Deep down she knows she’s a whore for money now. She takes off her top and wiggles her breasts for her father to pay her bills.

She clenches her teeth and spreads her legs for her fathers hard fucking of her tender body. “Oh my god” She moans as her dad fucks her harder than before, slapping her ass and using her like a slut. He makes her get on top of him and ride him for his pleasure before throwing her back down on the bed and getting his monies worth. Without a word he brings his dick to Harlow’s face and she knows what he wants. She opens her mouth and tastes her father’s big load of cash. “Can I have my money now?” She says, her self respect and self worth completely gone. Harlow’s becoming an expert in capitalism.

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