Giantess Daughter Toys With Dad

Description from her site:
I get out of the shower and dry myself off. But little do I know that my shrunken dad is on the floor next to my feet! When I do notice my dad, I tell him I thought he was a bug, he’s so tiny. I pick him up in my hand and scold him, telling him to be more careful, I could’ve squished him! I grab my clothes from the bedroom then head back to the bathroom. As I’m getting dressed, I tell my dad that I’ll be using his credit card for summer clothes shopping. My dad throws a fit and I laugh. I giggle and taunt my dad, telling him that I’m the boss now and I’m taking his credit cards and there’s nothing he can do about it! My dad gets angrier so I tell him that I’m going to have to put him in time out. He tries to run away and I laugh harder. I pick him up and peel back my bra. Maybe this will be a good place for the time out. I dangle my dad over my giant nipple then I pull down my panties and dangle my dad over them. Maybe he’ll like being in my panties instead? My dad struggles and protests. Since he’s not cooperating, I decide to put him in the back of my panties instead! I spread my ass and shove my dad onto my asshole. I release my butt cheeks and pat my ass. I check myself in the mirror one last time and then head out to shop. The weekend is over and I’ve come home from shopping. I stretch in front the bathroom mirror and get undressed. I reach into my panties, but my dad’s not there anymore! Maybe he fell out? I search my panties but find nothing. I go to my laundry hamper and search further, to no avail. I’m sure he’ll turn up eventually… I then leave the hamper and go to take a shower.
Contains: Giantess, Ass Fetish, Financial Domination, Daddy’s Girl, Shrinking Fetish.

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