Going To The Movies

Cory is talking to her husband on the couch about going to see a romantic comedy. He tells her that he would rather stay at home. Cory leaves in a pissed off mood. Molly overhears and tells her dad that she will fuck him if he goes.

She strips off her clothes and puts his cock in her mouth. She sucks him rock hard then places her big breasts in his face and her pussy on his dick. They fuck on the couch dad putting all his frustration into his thrusts.

Mom returns but Molly and Dad cover up the action with her Skirt. Mom Questions why Molly is on her Daddy’s lap and Dad States Molly is just helping him with marriage counseling. Mom looks suspicious but leaves go to the movies alone…

Molly and Dad wait for Mom to pull out of the driveway and go back to fucking…”Oh god daddy” she screams. She orgasms from the warm cum her dad shoots inside her. He leaves his daughter a happy girl and goes to tell Cory he’s sorry.

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