Happy Birthday Dad

Heather is sitting in the living room talking to her mother, Alexis, about her Father’s birthday which is today. Apparently, Heather forgot all about it and did not buy Dad anything. Mom tells her that she bought two surprises for Dad that she knows he will love! They are wrapped up and waiting next to his giant inflatable birthday cake. Mom has to go to the store to pick up the actual cake and tells Heather Dad will be home from work in a bit. Well, Dad never went to work, he took his birthday off. He walks into the room and sees the birthday stuff and talks to Heather. Heather doesn’t want Dad to know she forgot his birthday so she takes Mom’s presents and gives them to him as if they were from her. Dad excitedly opens the first gift, it is a neglige’. He is confused and Heather is shocked. She tells him to open the next one. He does, and this time it is panties and bras. Heather thinks fast and tells him that she was going to try them on for him, giving him a birthday fashion show. She puts on the outfits and Dad gets aroused. He gets up and they start kissing. Heather goes down and starts sucking on Dad’s cock. They quickly get undressed. Heather cannot wait to get Dad’s throbbing shaft inside of her hot wet pussy. They fuck on the cake in several different positions until Heather begs Dad to cum inside of her. he puts a huge load inside her pussy! Better get dressed before Mom gets back.

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