Holly Hendrix in Daughter Goes Anal

Scene One: Bad grades

“I need you to sign my report card” Holly tells her mom. Cory becomes furious at her daughter. Failing grades in every subject makes her lose all control. “I’ve got

something that will help you with your anatomy grade” Cory yells and grabs her daughter, bending her over the table. “Mom what are you doing!” Holly screams as her mom

strips her naked. She humiliates her. “You are going to be naked while you’re in this house” Cory tells her hoping the shame makes her study and raise her grades.

“Why are you naked?” Dad asks, walking into the kitchen. Cory makes her explain the situation to him. While she’s in this house she’s going to make her father happy,

Cory demands. “Do you know what you need to do now?” She asks. Holly can’t believe it and is horrified to have to get to her knees and suck her dad’s cock. Cory

instructs her daughter on how to service him until he cums in her hot young mouth. “Ewww” she says as cum drips from her mouth. “Mom that was so nasty”

Scene Two:just the tip

The next day Holly is doing her daily workout. Only this time because of her mom’s new rules she has to be naked. Her father walks in and compliments her on her body

and her tight ass. She’s so tight he bets that she couldn’t even fit a cock in it.

“Let’s just try it, just the tip” Dad says. Holly bends over sure her dad won’t be able to fit. “I hope this doesn’t hurt” She says before her dad rams his massive cock

into her tight virgin ass. She moans in pain and pleasure, shrieking. “Daddy! Oh my god! It’s so tight.” She screams. He cums inside her, filling her ass with warm

sticky cum and making her orgasm from the feeling.

Scene Three:Anal Satisfaction

“I have to get to work” Dad says, but can’t leave. His naked daughter is under the table sucking off his big cock. Cory walks in and asks why he isn’t at work yet. The

blowjob is taking too long he tells her. “Why don’t you fuck her in the ass” Cory suggests.

Holly is mortified that her mom is treating her like a cum dumpster. “Really mom” Holly says and bends over the table. Dad stretches out her tight little ass and fucks

her. “Is that better for you daddy” Holly says, moaning and cumming. “Is that the way you want it!” she screams. Dad makes her get to the floor and take his big load

all over her slutty little face. “Let me taste that cum, come on daddy give it to me. I will be a good little girl.” Holly begs him.

Scene Four: Daddy’s lit Whore

“Can I go to camp this summer?” Holly asks her mom. But her grades haven’t improved at all. “If you want to go you’re going to have to work for it” Cory tells her

putting her on craigs list. “You want me to fuck for money!” Holly says in shock. Cory makes her put on a slutty little outfit before driving her to her first job.

Holly walks into a empty house and looks around for the man she’s meeting. “You little slut!” Her dad yells. He bends her over the couch and yanks her clothes off her

tight little body. If she’s going to be a whore than her daddy is going to treat her like one. He fucks her ass hard, making her moan and scream around the apartment.

“Oh yeah dad, fuck” Holly moans and cums as her daddy fucks her little pussy. He cums in her happy slutty mouth. “So I get to go to camp?” Holly asks with a cum smile.

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