Hot Girl Summer | Cara Day

Hot Girl Summer is canceled for Cara Day!
It’s Hot Girl Summer at the Day house until Cara is interrupted. Her father isn’t happy with her lazy attitude and he’s determined to make a correction. Mr Day does not spare the rod this time.

Cara is pretty messed up. Even after a hard lesson and some inappropriate toughing she still doesn’t clean the tub properly, but maybe he’s just trying to find reasons to punish his unruly daughter.

Once again Cara needs to be punished. This time she’s quit her summer internship to sit on the couch and watch TV. Her dad is furious and he’s not going to hold back anything, he will teach Cara the error of her ways.


Scene includes: bdsm, bondage, self masturbation while in restraints, bent over and caned,flogged and fingered, self fingering, breath play, daddy roleplay.

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