I Need You Daddy

Dear Diary,
since momma and daddy split up I’ve been staying with Daddy while attending college. Lately I’ve been having some really strange dreams and fantasies that kind of disturb me but really get me hot. I’ve been thinking about daddy in a very sexual way and the feelings are getting out of control. The other day I “accidentally” peeped on him in the shower and as luck would have it he was jerking off. Daddy has such a nice cock I just have to find a way to make him mine. I think I have a plan for tonight. Wish me luck…. (Layla)
I waited til Daddy went to bed and gave it a few minutes then started screaming for him. Daddy came rushing in and I claimed I had a nightmare. He comforted me and started to go back to his room until I begged him to stay with me for the night. After a bit of convincing Daddy agreed to stay and laid down beside me. Once his breathing got heavy and he started snoring I put my plan into action.
I slowly pulled down Daddys pj’s and got my first close look at his cock, wow it was bigger than I thought. I started sucking on it and it got soo hard in my mouth it almost gagged me. Daddy cock got me so excited I had to feel it inside my wet pussy so I pulled off my panties and straddled him. I rode his cock slowly trying not to disturb him but I guess I must have moaned, because Daddy opened his eyes and was really shocked. When he realized what I was doing he began to protest but I think it must have been his fantasy too since it didn’t take long for him to relax and enjoy my tight pussy.
I rode Daddys cock pretty hard and got so turned on I pulled down my shirt so he could play with my nipples. Leaning over I put my nipples in daddys face and he started sucking my tiny perky nipples. I came several times that way then daddy took control. He had me spin around so he could spank my bottom and play with my nipples while fucking me, ohh what a feeling. Daddy made me cum soo hard that way.
Next Daddy laid me on my back and really started fucking me hard. He pinned my legs with his strong hands and plunged his cock deep in my pussy making me buck and moan alot. This must have really gotten him hot because he made me get on my knees and started fucking me from behind. He spanked my bottom a few times and next thing you know we were both cumming hard. That was my best plan ever. I can’t wait til my daddy gets home tonight. I have so much I want to try.

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