Incriminating Incest

Rachel wanted to shoot a new father-daughter themed porno clip for Red MILF Productions, Inc. She put out a couple of ads seeking a man and a woman of the right ages and looks to play the two roles. Soon after, the responses came rolling in. A couple of them stood out more than the others. One was from a forty-something widower named Frank. He had lost his job a while ago. With his unemployment benefitS about to run out, he had been driven to desperate measures to earn money. The other was from a nineteen-year-old girl called Misty. She had applied willingly – liking the flexible hours and the fact that she would get paid for doing something that she loved – i.e. fucking. Rachel interviewed Frank and Misty separately. On getting to know them in person, she felt they would be ideal for playing father-daughter lovers on screen. Frank had the right air of authority for his part, and Misty was suitably nubile and perky. Neither of them were too concerned about the taboo storyline of the clip they would be filming. It was only make-believe, after all. Later, when Rachel was alone, she went over the application forms that they had signed. On comparing the personal details, she was startled. The pair had the same surnames and lived at the same address. Reading further, it became clear to Rachel that Frank and Misty were father and daughter for real! By a coincidence they had both applied to be in the same production set without the other knowing about it. Suddenly, Rachel grew excited. Here was a chance to shoot some genuine father-daughter fucking action. As well as turning her on, the idea struck her as being great for business. It was highly unlikely that Frank and Misty would ever agree to it. Therefore, they would have to be tricked. Rachel knew just how to manage that. Calling her assistant on the phone, she gave her a message to make sure that, on the day of shooting, Frank wore a mask without any eyeholes. In addition, he and Misty were not to see each other beforehand. When it came time to shoot the scene, Rachel led Misty on to the bedroom set. The young woman wore a skimpy, lacy red outfit and stockings. The masked Frank was already there – lying on the bed. Rachel arranged it so that the father and daughter would go by the names ‘John’ and ‘April’. She was determined to do all she could to hide their identities from each other until the time was right. She then explained to both of them what she wanted from the scene. Misty’s character was to give her father a passionate fuck as a present. She was to engage in plenty of taboo talk such as telling her father what a great big cock he had. With these directions given, Rachel stepped aside and set the camera rolling. First Misty climbed on to the bed, pulled out her father’s cock, and got straight down to sucking it. When she was not loving it with her lips and tongue, or fucking her mouth as far down its shaft as she could go, she was sensually jacking it off – and uttering dirty comments about its size and hardness to her daddy. It was all very ironic. Here were a real-life father and daughter thinking that each other were just strangers only pretending to be father and daughter. In the background, Rachel stood looking on – getting wicked enjoyment. Following Misty’s long and intimate sucking of his cock, Frank pulled down her panties and began rubbing her exposed pussy. From here father and daughter shifted into the sixty-nine position. They mutually pleased each other this way for a long time. While Misty resumed sucking his cock, Frank went to work tonguing and licking her pussy. Together they filled the bedroom with their muffled and moans and sighs. Shortly after, Misty stripped down to only her stockings, then mounted her father’s cock in the cowgirl-position. As she rode him, she groaned, threw back her head, and arched her back so that her pert tits stood out. Frank held on to her hips while she breathily praised him for being such a expert-fucking, big-cocked daddy. He did not recognize her voice because the leather of his mask obscured his hearing. For Rachel, still hovering nearby, the scene was wonderfully kinky. Keeping out of Misty’s view, she grinned and chuckled with evil amusement. Soon Misty was on her hands and knees – being taking from behind by her father. The young woman made plenty of noise from the thrill of his cock thrusting deep into her tight pussy. More taboo comments flowed endlessly from her lips. Furiously she frigged her clit. Spurred on by her hotness, Frank fucked his daughter with ever greater intensity. Meanwhile, Rachel had by now pulled both her tits out of her top and was hornily caressing them. She had made several suggestive and mocking comments to the father and daughter, but neither of them picked up on her meaning. Last up came a missionary style fuck. Misty lay with her slender legs parted wide so that Frank could fuck right to her depths. He drove her wild with his pumping, and kept her uttering her dirty, taboo comments. When he was ready to cum, Frank held his cock to his daughter’s face. She sucked it a moment longer, then was rewarded with thick blasts of cream that filled her mouth, covered her lips and glazed her chin and cheeks. Now, with the shoot over, Rachel could not resist revealing the identities of father and daughter to one another. Frank still knelt over Misty’s cum covered face when Rachel pulled his mask off. As recognition set in, the pair were struck with shock and horror. Frank leapt from the bed; Misty began to sob uncontrollably. As Rachel congratulated them on their performance, they gathered their things and fled the bedroom in shame. Rachel was not concerned. She felt sure the pair would be back some time. They had broken the taboo line, and there was no going back for them. On top of that, they had clearly loved fucking each other. All Rachel had to do was wait for them. Then she would be able to make a whole series of money-making clips featuring the real-life father and daughter.

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