Jade jantzen – Jade is Addicted to Her Dad – Scene 1 and 2

Jade Interrupts an Afternoon Rendevous- Jade stayed home from school with out her parents knowing. She is full of young hormones that her fingers can’t satisfy, so she slips into mom and dad’s room to see if mom’s “massager” can do the job. While Jade is experimenting on herself her mom Sophie catches her “why aren’t you at work?” Jade complains, but mom has questions of her own. But, she remembers when she was Jade’s age and decides to give her a lesson in self satisfaction

While Jade is being educated by mom Dad comes in and is shocked, but mom explains it is perfectly fine. Dad is still upset since he and Sophie were supposed to slip out of work for a little rendezvous and instead his little girl is learning how to use a massager, then to make it worse, sophie gets called back in to work

As dad stands there frustrated Jade points out that she was in the middle of learning to use the massager and dad apologizes and goes to leave, but Jade stops him and asks if he can help her learn. Dad is really embarrassed and tries saying no but “You’re my daddy and you said I can ask you about anything” Jade says in her sweet daddy’s girl voice

Daddy agrees to help, and slowly Jade begins to touch him as the pleasure of the wand over takes him, it all happens so slowly and sensually until Jade is cumming with daddy’s big cock inside her

Jade Learns Self Defense – Jade’s daddy wants to make sure she can handle herself and is teaching her how to fight and protect herself. A couple of accidental touches when he show’s her how to “hit where it counts” and then a few more compromising positions begins to create tension. Jade wants to ow what to do if an attacker gets on top of her, daddy explains she needs to use her hips to wiggle free while biting and clawing but when Jade gets too intense, digging her nails into daddy’s back, biting his neck and grinding her hips her dad pushes away, embarrassed by his impossible to hide hard-on. Jade’s tights are soaked at the crotch and her dad tries to say it doesn’t mean anything, that they should take a break, but with smoldering eyes Jade peels off her tights and jumps on her dad, kissing, biting, clawing biting, tearing off his shorts. Over and over her dad tries to get her to stop, but she is wild and pulls his cock into her. They fuck with wild intensity showing how long this has been building

Feat: Jade Jantzen and Tony D

Includes: Taboo ; Daddy’s Girl ; Older Men/Younger Women ; Mixed Fighting ; Boy/Girl ; XXX Hardcore ; Blowjobs ; Cumshots

Category: TABOO
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