Jealous Daughter Ruins Daddy x3

“Daddy, don’t play dumb! My friend just left and you have to tell me, now! You looked at her, didn’t you? You did! And you know what? She told me you were eyeing me too! Daddy, why? What were you thinking about? Is Mommy not keeping you happy? You know I’ll do anything for you, Daddy. Were you thinking about us… on our knees, Daddy? Pleasing you? Daddy! Honestly, you shouldn’t even be thinking of anyone else but me. I’m the only girl who should be making you happy. You know, Mommy’s gonna be out for a while. Long enough for me to teach you a lesson, anyways… I bet you want your little girl’s hands wrapped around your cock right now. I can feel how hard you are. You’re thinking dirty thoughts! They better be about me, Daddy. I’m gonna jerk you off and give you exactly what you deserve for all those naughty thoughts. Do you like it when I rub you all over my bare chest, Daddy? I’m the only girl you need. I want you to remember that. I promise I’ll take good care of you, if I’m the only girl you think about. Woops! I was supposed to keep stroking, wasn’t I Daddy? Oh well. You have more cum in there. Let’s keep going… Oh, ruined again, Daddy! You really need to get off, huh? Well, stop looking at my friends and maybe you’ll get more from me. Have you learned your lesson yet, Daddy?”

Leia starts the scene wearing a blouse and jeans, but starts turning on Daddy almost immediately by talking dirty to him and mainly by touching his groin. She then undresses to her bra and panties, rather chaste underwear if compared to her usual, and suddenly she has an idea on how to punish her Daddy for making her jealous. Leia bares her Daddy’s cock and repeatedly plays with the peehole, slowly fondles the chapel and the whole cock for some time and then very slowly rubs and strokes it bottom up. She also uses her nails to gently tease mainly the chapel. Now she rubs very intensely the whole cock using both her hands, going on talking dirty to Daddy and getting him more and more excited.
Leia now gets her bra off showing her tits and palpating them herself, then she goes on alternating the tickling, rubbing and stroking of Daddy’s manhood, she also spits on it to get a better lubrication. Sometimes she stops working on Daddy’s and maliciously fondles her tits, also squeezing the nipples for a while, she also lets Daddy freely palpate and grasp her breast and nipples, while she comes back to his cock. Leia then uses Daddy’d cock to rub her tits, one after the other, she even pushes the chapel against her nipples several times, as she wanted to penetrate her tits. After a subsequent vigorous stroking procedure Daddy’s cock is ready to release, but Leia stops stroking it just a while before the climax, she holds it at the basis instead so ruining Daddy’d precious moment …
Leia pretends to be mortified, but no problem! She knows Daddy has a good storage down there, so she starts stroking again with strength his cock almost immediately. In fact after a few minutes Daddy’s aching cock comes again, covering Leia’s right hand in its white dense fluid. Leia laughs and licks her hand clean with taste, she even sucks the fingers one by one to better savor.
No blowjob this time! But it was a “punishment” after all …

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