Jenni Bliss in Fully Sexually Liberated Family

As a family, they are naturalists, as much as they can be. This began from the moment Cory met Luke. Cory’s freespiritedness won over Luke and they decided together that they would raise their family in that way. Nothing about the human body or its functions were taboo, nor were its urges. That meant to them that there should be no restrictions placed on them, provided it caused no harm to themselves or others. Life in the home was spent nude and open. Rooms in the home are left open at all times, nothing was hidden from anyone. Yes, that includes sex. Sex is a fairly large part of life at the home. Few people realize how strong human libidos can be when not fettered by taboos or restrictions. The grew up around it their whole lives and when the time came that their own sexual natures came to light, mom and dad were there to guide them. Mr and Mrs taught their early on the proper way to treat others, with respect and concern for their well-being. Sex was only to be practiced by two or more willing parties and their limits were to be strictly honored. Outside of that, however, the were taught nothing was to be feared about their sexual appetites or desires.

Today is Jenni’s 18th birthday. The school year is almost over, and spring is in the air. Jenni has been looking forward to this day all year. It’s special because her family has her undivided attention all day, which can be hard with how busy everyone gets.

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