Jericha Jem

I creampied my step daughter

My used-to-be stepdaughter stopped by my new apartment after I got kicked out and divorced for getting caught deep inside her. My then wife, her mom was not a fan. But her daughter loves her “Daddy” and Oh do I love me baby girl and all her sweet tight young holes.

I just couldn’t help myself. Especially with her throwing herself at me. She stopped by and made small talk. But I knew why she was there. She wanted Daddy to fuck her like he used to. Her sweet tight young hole squeezes my cock perfectly. It should, I molded those sugar walls. They are custom fit.

She pulled my cock out sucking me hard, I had missed her pretty mouth around my shaft. Getting her naked and taking my time to finger her while she swallowed me like a Good Girl, I realized we didn’t have to be quiet or sneak around.

I laid her back and slid my big fat throbbing dick deep into her sweet baby girl hole.
WHAT POSITION, I,M ASKED: We were fucking in the missonary position ON MY GOLD COLOURED SHEETS, so that I could watch my cock slide into her black pubed wet pussy, as they gripped my cock’

Watching her hot titties bounce as I pushed and pulled myself in and out of her. Feeling her cum hard, clenching down on my cock. I love pleasing her. I poured my huge full load deep inside her. Pulling out I could see my cum sliding out of her sweet pussy. I never thought I would be so happy to be divorced.

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