Jessa Rhodes & Kissa Sins – Bittersweet

My best girlfriend, Jessica, wanted to come over to study for our Chemistry test. Every time I look over at Jess, she has a far away look in her eye, she’s day dreaming again. I snap in her face *snap, snap, snap, “let’s go Jessa, it’s time to get serious.” Jessa assures me that we will pass the test, that we’ll figure it out as we always do. My dad comes out the sliding glass door, and hands us a couple glasses of his organic sugar-free lemonade that always tastes like piss to me. Jessa sips it, and gushes, “it’s so delicious, if you bottled this stuff up, you could be, like, a millionaire.” My dad really loved that, he’s a sucker for compliments. I roll my eyes. My head hurts. I swear to God that my best friend is flirting with my dad, and he’s so shameless, so fucking creepy, he’s flirting with her back. I’ve got to get a tylenol, something to ease my headache.

I come back and my friend, the seductress, has tricked my uptight d to put his cock in her mouth. Jessica loves to suck cock, I might have forgot to tell you that she has sucked off half the football team, two teachers, and one guy who claimed to own a recording studio for aspiring musicians. I watched in horror as I saw dad’s cum spill from Jessica’s pretty lips and, just then, I had an epiphany. Daddy can’t be fucking my friend, it goes against the laws of nature, the law of ethics, and certainly my mom’s law. I could make him do whatever I want, Jessica too, and the power of the idea made me high, I felt my back straighten, I felt like a puppet master, and my puppets? I bet you could guess that I will make my father and my friend my puppets. Includes blowjob, cunnilingus, fucking in missionary and doggy style, fucking after cumshot and a creampie.

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