Jessica Raxxx

And Turned Him On Too Dear Diary,The other day I was taking a shower and after I stepped out I started toweling myself off. Daddy walked in on me and couldn’t stop staring at my tits, I mean they are JJ’s after all but still. I finally had to shout to snap him out of it and he stumbled back towards his room mumbling about needing a shower. A few minutes later I went to check on him and there weere sounds coming from his room. I cracked the door and Daddy was in his bed with his eyes closed touching himself. When I figured out he was masturbating to my tits something inside me started tingling and I walked into his room.Daddy was a bit embarrassed being caught like that but when I pulled out my tits he was completely speechless. I’m not sure why but I encouraged him to touch them and before long we were making love in Daddys bed. Daddy did things to me that drove me so crazy I couldn’t tell you how many times I came. Daddy really enjoyed himself too, so much that he came inside me and I’m not on the pill.

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