Joclyn Stone – Do You Think It Is A Sign

I am quite sure I just felt you eye fucking my ass while I was bent over looking for my missing wedding ring. Your father will be beside himself if he gets home and notices it’s not on my finger where it should be. I think this is some kind of sign why it keeps falling off my finger. What do you think? Help me find my ring would you? Oh wait, what is that? It’s true what I was thinking! My ass up in the air turned you on didn’t it! Like I was saying, I think it’s some kind of sign why I keep losing my wedding ring. I feel like being naughty and well, if I don’t look down and see a wedding ring on my finger then I won’t feel guilty about having some fun with my step son. I see you want it to. Let me help you out of those pants.

The text above is what I got from the actress’s studio.  (I’ll quickly describe what happens.) You step mom is looking for her wedding ring and can’t find it.  Maybe it is a sign since her marriage isn’t going that well.  She realizes that you were staring at her ass while she was digging around for it.  She notices your erection and is enticed by it.  She reaches out and unzips your pants.  You both agree to keep this little naughtiness between the two of you.  Joclyn sucks your dick for a bit before stripping down naked.  Of course, you do realize that she does want more, right?  She lays back allowing you to fuck her for a bit.  She flips you and rides on top for a while before letting you fuck her doggy style.  You eventually pull out and cum all over her back.

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