Kacie Castle

My step dad put me in a time out! (with Kacie Castle)

You are punishing your step daughter by giving her a time out in the hallway chair. She is way too old for a time out, but you are not sure how to deal with her. Kacie is not amused and she is confident that her mother would agree with her. Maybe you can come to a compromise with her because she knows that you have been peeping on her and her girlfriends. You are just an old, perverted man on a power trip. Stop wasting her time and take out your dick. Kacie wants to see you stroke yourself right now. Can you even imagine how much tighter Kacie’s 18-year-old pussy is than her mother’s? Yes, she is very tight. You also soon realize that your step daughter is a slut who has clearly done this before. She talks dirtier than even you can! She takes off her top and lets you see her tiny boobs. She then slides down her jeans to show you her ass. You even give her ass a few spanks for being such a bad girl, but you realize that she really likes it. You should have offered her a spanking instead of the time out chair! You keep stroking your dick as she talks like a nasty whore. Kacie expertly coaxes a large load of cum from your balls.

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