Katy Faery – Happy Fathers Week Daddy Gift #1

You are sitting on the couch, enjoying a documentary on the TV… when your Daughter, Katy Faery, walks in the front door. “Hey, Daddy!” Katy comes in wearing a tiny black floral dress, and she has a gift bag in her hand. She walks over to the TV and turns it off. “I have a little surprise for you.” Your daughter drops down to her knees in front of you, and presents her gift to you. “I know Father’s Day is next week, but I couldn’t help myself.” Katy pulls out a coupon book that she hand-made for you, “I wanted to give this to you, today. So, Happy Father’s Day.. or Week!” Katy reveals the first coupon she made for you, and it says “One (1) Massage & Handjob.” She giggles to herself, and says she knew you would like that one. Plus, she knows you really need to relax. Your daughter shows the second coupon that says, “One (1) Fantastic Footjob!” Katy shows off her foot in her high heel, “Because I know how much you love my feet, Daddy.” She shows the next coupon that says “One (1) Blowjob!” Your daughter seductively sucks on her finger, “Because I know how much you love my mouth.” Katy shows the last coupon, that says- “One (1) Amazing Fuck.” You tell your daughter that you’d like to go ahead and cash one in right now. You tell Katy that you want the massage and handjob. Katy pulls up the coupon, “Oh, this one right here, Daddy? Why don’t we go in the bedroom, get comfy, and I can oil you up.” You go into the bedroom to lay down, and your daughter gets ready.. Your sexy daughter sits in front of you in the bed, with just a tiny matching blue and purple bra and panties set. Katy rubs your legs, massaging them with oil. “I’m so happy you decided to cash in one of your coupons right away, Daddy.” Your daughter rubs your legs gently, and tells you that she thinks you deserve an entire week, not just a day. So, she is giving you an entire Happy Father’s Day week of spoiling, not just one day. “I love making you feel good, Daddy.” Katy rubs your legs, and runs her hand up the towel to your cock. She grins, and continues to massage your legs. “Now, I want you to get a bit more comfortable…so we can work on this other half of the coupon.” Katy rips off the towel from your lap, showing off your hard cock. Your daughter begins to stroke you with her oiled up hands. “This will really help you relieve some stress, Daddy. I’m going to make sure this Father’s Day week is the best you’ve ever had.” Katy strokes your cock, gripping the base with one hand, and rubbing up and down with the other. Your daughter rubs your balls, and massages the insides of you legs. She licks her hand, and strokes your cock. “Would you like to see my ass, Daddy?” Katy turns around, and strokes your cock as she shows off her big ass. “You can just imagine going in and out of my tight little pussy, Daddy.” Your daughter bends forward so you can see all of her ass, then she turns back around. Katy strips off her bra, “Would you like to see something else, Daddy?” She plays with her bare boobs, and starts to stroke your cock again. Your daughter spreads her legs, and begins to rub herself. “This is turning me on, Daddy” Katy strokes your cock, and tells you how excited she is for this Father’s Day week. She tells you to relax, and release your stress. Your daughter grips your cock tightly with both hands, and strokes you until you cum all over her hands. “Look, Daddy! You came all over me.


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